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  Estate Planning, Estate Administration and Guardianship
We offer a full range of estate planning services including the preparation of wills, living trusts, children’s trusts, tax shelter trusts, and powers of attorney. We make recommendations, where appropriate, on alternatives to probate, on the income tax consequences of estate planning decisions, and on how estate taxes can be minimized. We assist clients who have philanthropic interests to understand their options for making charitable gifts during life and at death.

For domestic partners and civil union partners, we prepare customized plans and documents (such as civil union agreements, domestic partnership agreements, property agreements, and support agreements) that are geared toward protection of the partner and the children where the law might otherwise be silent.

For elders, for persons with disabilities, and for their families, we assist with planning for care and with optimizing available funds. Where a court-supervised guardianship is sought, we represent the caregiver or the affected person.

We also advise the family and represent fiduciaries in estate administration matters, including probate and the non-probated transfer of assets through trusts, beneficiary designations and joint tenancy.

Where disputes arise, we represent heirs or fiduciaries in the litigation or mediation of contested estates and trusts.

We represent individual entrepreneurs and families in their business start-ups and operations. Among the services we provide are business formation, lease and contract review, advice on key personnel and employee matters, commercial real estate transactions, assistance with regulatory compliance, and dispute resolution including commercial litigation.

Not for Profit Organizations
We assist the founders and leadership of not-for-profit organizations, including public charities and private foundations, to understand and follow the appropriate steps of organizational development, to comply with State and federal regulations, to obtain tax-exempt status, to learn how to make charitable solicitations, and to conduct their operations in accordance with the highest fiduciary standards.

Kuehn Law Lunches

Angelika Kuehn Law Offices hosts a series of lunchtime workshops for practitioners in the near western suburbs. If you are interested in learning more or attending, please contact the office.

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